3 Ways to Celebrate Family History Month With Your Children

Halloween isn’t the only family-oriented holiday observed in October. It’s also Family History Month!

While your kids may not be as interested in your stories of the past as they are in trick-or-treating and fun costumes, it’s possible to make Family History Month fun for your kids, too.

Today, Test Smartly Labs of Lee’s Summit is sharing 3 ways to celebrate your family heritage with your kids!

Celebrate Family History Month With Your Children

Make a Fun Family Tree

Family History Month is all about educating yourself and your kids about your ancestry. What better way to learn more about your lineage then by creating a family tree?

Get kids in on the fun by making your family tree into an art project. You could create a large scale family tree on a canvas, having your kids draw or paint the lines to connect each relative. Or make a photo album that doubles as a family tree, dedicating a page to each relative and then including a complete tree at the beginning or end of the scrapbook. As your kids help you craft, they can learn more about their ancestors and heritage!

Family Field Trip!

Is there a nearby spot with some significance to your family? Perhaps the home your relatives built when they first settled in the area, or the land your great-great-grandparents once farmed? Family History Month is the perfect time to stop by those areas of ancestral significance you’ve been meaning to visit. Treat the event like a fun family field trip, and educate your children on this piece of their past.

Map Your Family

One fun, interactive way to teach your kids about their family history is by creating a map that details where ancestors originated from and immigrated to. Purchase a large paper map, then mount it to corkboard and use pieces of yarn and thumbtacks to create a color-coded map of each branch’s or relative’s journey. As you discover more through your family history research, you can continue to add threads. Your kids will have fun adding to the map!

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