4 Reasons Why Now is the Time for Your DNA Testing!

At Test Smartly Labs of Lee’s Summit, we notice an increase in interest for our DNA testing services around this time every year.

Since we pride ourselves on being discreet and respecting our clients’ privacy, we can’t say for certain why DNA testing spikes in popularity in the winter months — but we have done some thinking on the matter and identified 4 reasons why DNA testing does seem well-suited for this time of year.

The Season for DNA Testing

Family Togetherness Sparks Curiosity

Perhaps getting together with your family for the recent holidays has made you more interested in learning more about your ancestry. Or maybe after sitting across the table from your nephew for a 2-hour meal, you have suspicions about his paternity. (Kidding!)

Either way, we think that spending time with relatives for Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, or Christmas inspires some people to seek out DNA testing.

Tax SeasonTax Forms

What do taxes have to do with DNA testing? Well, some people who are real go-getters like to complete their taxes early in the season and (hopefully) get their refund back sooner. With an influx of cash, it might be time to finally get that DNA testing done and settle the matter of paternity once and for all.

Also, if you are claiming a child as a dependent on your taxes but there is a question of paternity, you are legally obligated to pursue DNA testing and sort out the matter.

Cabin Fever

Winter in Kansas City usually means cold temperatures, which means staying inside, which means cabin fever! When you’re stuck indoors thanks to ice, snow, or a plummeting wind chill, you might decide to take up a new (or long-abandoned) project: family tree research. DNA testing can be used to kickstart your research, verify biological relationships, uncover hidden branches of your family tree, and more!


Holidays like Christmas and Valentine’s Day are known for being romantic — and can create a need for DNA testing, particularly paternity testing. We offer an accurate, confidential, and 100% safe pre-birth paternity testing for women who need to solve questions of paternity yearround.

Accurate & Confidential DNA Testing in Lee’s Summit

Whether you’re in search of DNA testing for one of the above reasons or for a completely different purpose, Test Smartly Labs of Lee’s Summit can provide the reliable and confidential DNA testing services you’re looking for. Call (816) 875-9301 today to learn more about how we can help you.

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