4 Steps to Plan the Perfect Family Reunion

At Test Smartly Labs of Lee’s Summit, we love helping people learn more about their ancestry and connect with their families. For many, this involves hosting family reunions!
Scheduling a family reunion can be stressful without direction. We recommend planning well in advance — so if you are hoping for a reunion this summer, it’s time to start planning now! In order to make a wonderful visit, use these four basic steps to make the process fun and easy from the first phone call to the last garbage bag.

Planning the Perfect Reunion

Get Family Members Involved

The first step when planning a family reunion is judging the interest and willingness to help out. Start months before the chosen date so people have enough time to change their schedules. Delegate jobs to other family members so no one feels like they are doing the bulk of the work.

Take Every Family Member into ConsiderationFamily Reunion

While a family reunion at a tropical resort may excite you, it could leave out the less well-off family members. Keep everything affordable and also take into consideration the elderly, people with small children and the ability to get vacation time. Planning a multi-day family reunion works well because it lets people come when they can and leave when they need to.

Make Food and Fun the Focus

Many family celebrations revolve around food and special dishes like grandma used to make. Catering may be simple, but it could make you miss out on some of the foods that the family loves. Two or three day family reunions can include a cookout or kitchen time to make favorite dishes together.

Instead of leaving the family reunion entertainment to chance, organized some games or activities to bring the family closer together. These can be anything from sports on the lawn to scrapbook crafts with old family photos.

Making More Memories

Plenty of pictures and videos should be taken at the family reunion. Beforehand, designate certain people to takes photos or video with shared memories of family life. These can be made into a book or video montage of the family reunion. This will be an excellent gift for everyone who attends and especially appreciated for those who cannot make it.

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