What is AABB Accredited DNA Testing & Why Does It Matter?

Thanks to the prevalence of mail order DNA test kits, more and more people are attempting to learn about their genetic background.

As we’ve said in the last, though, at-home DNA testing isn’t the most reliable type of testing available, despite the promises made to manufacturers.

Today, we’re explaining what it means to be an AABB accredited laboratory and why this designation is so essential when it comes to DNA testing.

Why Go With an AABB Accredited Lab for DNA Testing?

What is the AABB?

Short for the American Association of Blood Banks, the AABB is an accreditation agency that oversees laboratories across the nation. They establish DNA testing quality standards that laboratories must adhere to in order to receive accreditation. The AABB is known worldwide as the leading DNA testing accreditation agency.

What Does AABB Accredited Mean in Terms of DNA Testing?

So what does it mean when a laboratory is AABB accredited for DNA testing?

  • Kansas City | AABB Accredited DNA TestingThe lab performs DNA testing that meets or exceeds the industry’s standards as determined by the worldwide leader in DNA testing accreditation.
  • Your DNA test will be court admissible, so you can use it in child custody cases, inheritance disputes, for immigration purposes, and more. This is because collection specialists at the accredited laboratory will follow the proper chain of custody protocols, ensuring that DNA specimens are properly obtained and moved.
  • Since AABB accreditation is an annual process, you know that any accredited DNA testing lab has ongoing training, education, and quality checks for its DNA testing collectors and specialists, plus up-to-date facilities and equipment.

Why AABB Accreditation Matters

DNA testing is becoming more accessible, but you should watch out for at-home DNA testing companies. DNA testing is only as accurate as the laboratory performing the test. If you don’t work with an AABB accredited lab, you can’t rely on the DNA test results you receive.

The specialists at Test Smartly Labs of Lee’s Summit are all trained in accordance with AABB-established collection guidelines for DNA testing, and we work with AABB-certified laboratories for all DNA analysis.

To learn more about DNA testing at Test Smartly Labs of Lee’s Summit, contact us or call (816) 875-9301 today!

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