How Do Babies Inherit Their Behaviors?

DNA & Behavior

While it’s a bit easier to determine how looks are affected by genetics, when it comes to behavior, the line is not so clear.

Scientists have debated nature vs. nurture for a long time, and there is no clear way of knowing what combinations of genes could determine certain traits.

We’re exploring some of the science behind genes and behavioral tendencies. Read on to learn more!

Behavior & Genes

Facial Expressions

Research has shown that family members can use the same facial expressions when conveying anger, showing sadness, or focusing. These facial expressions will typically appear by the time a child is 6 months old. While you might think this is just your child mimicking behavior, studies have shown that even people born blind can make facial expressions that their family members make.

Sleeping Habits

According to research out of Science, sleep habits can be hereditary. This includse insomnia, meaning if mom and dad both have sleep troubles, children may as well.

There are a number of genes involved in determining sleep habits. One is called Period 3. It is involved in regulating the internal clock. “Morning people” have genes of longer length, while “night owls” have a shorter gene. Another gene, DEC2, is found in people who only require 6.6 hours of sleep nightly.

Sense of Humor

To some extent, sense of humor is impacted by genes. A child’s natural temperament, spanning their mood, attention span, and activity level, are all in some part genetically inherited. It’s not totally clear how exactly each characteristic is passed from parent to child, and environment can affect a child’s temperament. Often, a child will parrot behaviors that parents exhibit — so if you crack up when someone makes a funny face, your child will see this and mimic that behavior. As a child grows, their own sense of humor may develop.

Confirm Your Biological Relationships

While you may be able to observe similarities between parents, children, and other relatives, DNA testing is the only way to actually confirm biological relationships.

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