Can’t Beat the Test With Synthetic Urine Anymore

Are you applying for a new job and worried about the pre-employment drug testing? You may be thinking about trying your luck with a quick detox kit or trying to fool the lab with someone else’s or synthetic urine. You’ll probably want to think again.

Synthetic Urine

Fake Urine Sold in Stores

Several convenience stores throughout the Kansas City metro area have been found to sell fake urine over the counter. There’s nothing illegal about it as various brands advertise as being for jokes or research purposes but, of course, these products are being bought to try to cheat drug tests.

Testing Site Enforcement

Before this trend started to explode, testing sites said they would find discarded boxes and wrappers left in the restroom after a sample was given and they would just throw out the sample. Now, the standard is to leave all personal items like bags, backpacks, jackets, etc. in a locker before going in. This doesn’t stop the cheaters, though, and not much can be done to stop them.

The fake samples utilize hand warmers or the body’s heat to warm up the sample but often it doesn’t get up to the correct temperature, or it’s too hot. These are dead giveaways and the samples are discarded.

The Difference Gained From DNA

A typical urine sample does not contain a high enough concentration of nucleated cells (white blood cells and epithelial cells). However, there are large differences between a number of epithelial cells present in male and female urine. So, things that are female-specific, like certain drugs (birth control) or conditions like pregnancy, are the only identifiers that a male’s specimen isn’t his. That is if his sample is the right temperature.

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