Find a Diet That’s Just Right For Your DNA

Different diets may be appropriate for different people based on their genetic predispositions. This could be one reason why many people who struggle with obesity despite traditional efforts can’t budge the scale too far.  Continue reading “Find a Diet That’s Just Right For Your DNA” »

Crave Sweets? It Could Be Due to Your Genes

The gene FGF21 provides the instructions for creating a hormone of the same name; it is linked with food regulation in rodents and nonhuman primates. This new insight suggests FGF21 might actually moderate some appetites in humans as well. Interestingly, the work also suggests that the liver, which secretes the FGF21 hormone and controls insulin resistance, could be playing a larger role in snack management because it produces this hormone and communicates with the brain. Continue reading “Crave Sweets? It Could Be Due to Your Genes” »

What is Diet & Exercise DNA Testing?

Diet & exercise

Staring at our title and wondering what diet and exercise DNA testing but didn’t know what it was. You’re not alone!

Many people have no clue what this type of DNA testing entails. Lucky for you, you’re going to find out today what it takes to complete diet and exercise DNA testing and why it’s advantageous for you to visit a lab for this simple test.
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