Find a Diet That’s Just Right For Your DNA

Different diets may be appropriate for different people based on their genetic predispositions. This could be one reason why many people who struggle with obesity despite traditional efforts can’t budge the scale too far.  Continue reading “Find a Diet That’s Just Right For Your DNA” »

5 Mental Illnesses That Share Genes

A study published by The Lancet highlights a connection between five mental illness disorders and DNA. The findings make it imperative than ever for people to undergo a mental health screening, especially if their DNA predisposes them for one of these conditions. Continue reading “5 Mental Illnesses That Share Genes” »

Babies By Design: More Harm Than Good?

With stories of 3 parent babies recently appearing in media reports, the topic of gene editing is being more widely debated. Currently, most prospective parents seem interested in gene editing to alleviate the dangers of disease. If technological advances with gene editing and 3 parent babies continue, then there may soon be more ways for doctors to design baby DNA. However, this question is controversial. Continue reading “Babies By Design: More Harm Than Good?” »

How do Genes Affect Child Development? 

Genes & Child Development

The debate of nature vs. nurture has long raged, with many saying that genetic predisposition to behaviors isn’t as important as how parents, communities, or other key individuals shape a child’s upbringing. Genes don’t just play a role in determining appearance and behavior, though — they can also affect a child’s development.

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DNA Testing & Technology Makes for Better Prescriptions


Your genetic makeup is responsible for many things: your height, your eye color, your complexion, and even how you respond to prescription medications. A growing number of physicians are turning to pharmacogenetics to see how people who claim workers’ comp will respond to prescription drugs such as opioid pain relievers.

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Know Your Rights As a Grandparent

Grandparentage Testing

The second Sunday in September is Grandparents’ Day. We know you love your grandchildren, and it’s important to know what legal rights you have as a grandparent. Exactly what those rights entail vary based on your situation, and it varies from state to state. Missouri has its own regulations regarding grandparents visitation and even legal guardianship.

Visitation Rights in Missouri

The court may grant reasonable visitation rights to grandparents for the following reasons and in the following situations:

  • If the child’s parents have filed for divorce, a grandparent has the right to intervene only on visitation rights issues.
  • If one of the child’s parents is deceased, the surviving parent denies reasonable visitation rights to one of the surviving grandparents.
  • If a grandparent is unreasonably denied child visitation for lonver than 90 days. (If the child’s biological parents are married and living together with the child, the grandparent may not file for visitation.)

In all of these situations, the court determines what the child’s best interests are. If grandparent visitation would endanger the child in any way, visitation rights may not be granted. If the child’s parents are legally married and live with the child, the parents are presumed to know the child’s best interests, and to act accordingly.

Guardianship Ad Litem

If the court determines that it’s in the best interest of the child, it will appoint a guardian ad litem, who is a licensed attorney in Missouri. The guardian ad litem may participate in proceedings as if he or she were a party. The court will enter judgement allowing a reasonable fee to the guardian ad litem.

If the child is adopted, any visitation rights the grandparent has may be terminated.

Grandparent DNA Testing at Test Smartly Labs of Lee’s Summit

If there is any question about biological grandparentage, Test Smartly Labs of Lee’s Summit can help. Our test results are court-admissible because we follow strict chain of custody procedures. To learn more about DNA testing or grandparentage testing in particular, click here or call us at (816) 875-9301 today.

Lab-Based Paternity Testing vs. an Over-the-Counter Paternity Test Kit

As paternity testing providers in Lee’s Summit, we receive a lot of calls from around the Kansas City metro area inquiring about what differentiates lab-based paternity testing from the over-the-counter paternity test kit you see at the drugstore or online.

We’re all about DIY, except when it comes to matters that can have huge legal and personal repercussions. That’s why we think it’s key that you know what separates lab-based paternity testing from the at-home kits, particularly if you are pondering which one to buy!

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Don’t Delay Your DNA Testing

Since DNA testing — particularly ancestry testing — isn’t always viewed as a necessity, sometimes people feel they can push off their testing.

While this certainly isn’t the case in terms of legally-needed processes, like immigration DNA testing or testing for criminal cases, when it comes to other types, people think the test can wait.

We’re here to tell you that when the time comes, you will appreciate having your DNA test results already.

Here are the main reasons why now is the time for DNA testing!

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4 Reasons Why Now is the Time for Your DNA Testing!

At Test Smartly Labs of Lee’s Summit, we notice an increase in interest for our DNA testing services around this time every year.

Since we pride ourselves on being discreet and respecting our clients’ privacy, we can’t say for certain why DNA testing spikes in popularity in the winter months — but we have done some thinking on the matter and identified 4 reasons why DNA testing does seem well-suited for this time of year.

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Uses of DNA Profiles & Identification

When most people think of DNA testing, their mind goes to paternity testing or ancestry testing.

But verifying a biological relationship or revealing more about your genetic background isn’t the only use of DNA testing. Test Smartly Labs of Lee’s Summit can also help you create a custom DNA profile.

What uses might a DNA profile have for you? Read on below.

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