Health Conditions Passed Down Through Your Genes

All of the hype around mail-in DNA test kits is for good reason. Testing your genetics for important markers can help you catch and treat health issues early, as well as help you figure out your best diet. Our DNA testing services are fast, accurate, and potentially lifesaving. Continue reading “Health Conditions Passed Down Through Your Genes” »

Newborn Test Looks For 193 Diseases in Genetic Code

The US government recommends newborns be screened for a minimum of 34 disorders (some states may have additional requirements). The standard test involves a small sample of blood taken the baby’s heel. This new test takes only a swab of saliva from a newborn’s cheek; it will probe the baby’s genes for 193 genetic diseases, like anemia, epilepsy, and metabolic disorders. The $649 test is meant for healthy babies, as a supplement to existing screening tests. Continue reading “Newborn Test Looks For 193 Diseases in Genetic Code” »

The Hidden Gene Behind Immune Diseases

Scientists at the Wellcome Sanger Institute in England are suggesting that the role of genetics in the risk of having an immune disease could be missed during research. These scientists and their collaborators have discovered that the contribution of genetic variations in disease risk lies not only in genes but in the molecular “switches” that control these genes as well. Continue reading “The Hidden Gene Behind Immune Diseases” »

Genetic Code Key to More Effective Depression Treatments

The year is now edging into that time where thousands of people begin to feel a little blue and just want to curl up under a blanket. This is called Seasonal Affective Disorder and can be treated with a mild antidepressant until it subsides in the spring but what about those whose constant struggle with depression has them feeling like every treatment has let them down? Continue reading “Genetic Code Key to More Effective Depression Treatments” »

Crave Sweets? It Could Be Due to Your Genes

The gene FGF21 provides the instructions for creating a hormone of the same name; it is linked with food regulation in rodents and nonhuman primates. This new insight suggests FGF21 might actually moderate some appetites in humans as well. Interestingly, the work also suggests that the liver, which secretes the FGF21 hormone and controls insulin resistance, could be playing a larger role in snack management because it produces this hormone and communicates with the brain. Continue reading “Crave Sweets? It Could Be Due to Your Genes” »

Separated at Birth — Reunited by Social Media and DNA Testing

Facebook is a great way to keep in touch with friends and family, but what about distant biological relatives you never knew you had? Sounds like the plot of a movie, right?

For twins Anais and Sam, Facebook and DNA testing allowed them to do just that.

Test Smartly Labs of Lee’s Summit is sharing the amazing story of identical twin sisters who found each other across the globe thanks to Youtube and Facebook.

Continue reading “Separated at Birth — Reunited by Social Media and DNA Testing” »

Unexpected Uses of DNA Testing

To many people, DNA testing is synonymous with paternity testing. This oversimplified view of the process means that people often overlook many fascinating applications of DNA testing, including genealogical research, child DNA profiles, and forensic and legal uses.

To celebrate the countless ways that DNA testing can be used, we are exploring a few of the more unexpected uses of DNA!

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DNA Mysteries: DNA Testing & Proof of Maternity

Though you’ve undoubtedly heard of DNA testing to prove someone’s paternity, are you aware that there is also maternity DNA testing?

Used less frequently than more well-known paternity testing, a maternal DNA test can provide medical verification of maternity when legal issues call for it, such as in the case of hospital mix-ups, foster care or adoptions, or during immigration cases.Maternal DNA testing took center stage when a Washington state woman was accused of falsifying maternity for her three children. In a strange turn of events, the DNA testing revealed that her deceased twin — who was actually never born — was somehow the mother of her children.Welcome to the first of our DNA mysteries —  read on to see how DNA testing cracked the case. Continue reading “DNA Mysteries: DNA Testing & Proof of Maternity” »