Keep Your Children Safe By Creating a Child DNA ID

The world we live in today may be safer than ever due to our amazing advances in technology. However, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t any threats to our families out there. Keep peace of mind and know your children can be found in the event of an emergency by creating a DNA identification profile. Continue reading “Keep Your Children Safe By Creating a Child DNA ID” »

DNA Testing Advances to Help Exonerate & Convict More Accurately

New advances in DNA testing technology can now differentiate identical twins and distinguish between two separate, but extremely close, sets of DNA. This is changing how criminal investigations can be solved, even cold and closed cases.  Continue reading “DNA Testing Advances to Help Exonerate & Convict More Accurately” »

Why You Should Consider Pharmacogenetics Testing

The Importance of Pharmacogenetics Testing

Pharmacogenetics testing uses a patient’s saliva sample to create a personal genetic profile. Physicians can use the information from the mouth swab to run against a comprehensive list of medications to determine an individual’s responses to certain drugs.

By analyzing the patient’s inherited genetic differences in drug metabolic pathways, physicians can determine how effective a prescription might be, as well as whether the drugs will negatively affect the patient.

The Benefits of Pharmacogenetics Testingpharmacogenetics

Why should you use pharmacogenetics testing with your patients? Personalized medicine becomes more and more important as researchers learn more about how different drugs affect people in different ways. The benefits of using pharmacogenetics testing with patients include the ability of doctors to offer better treatment plans and a lower risk of fatal drug reactions.

If you know how a drug will affect a specific patient before prescribing the drug, you will be empowered to make better decisions as a doctor. This additional knowledge will allow you to better predict which medications will work best, which might have adverse effects, and the dosage the will be most effective. You can also discover if a patient is genetically prone to excessive blood clotting, high cholesterol, or Vitamin B deficiencies. When a doctor is armed with more information about a specific patient, he or she can feel more confident making important decisions regarding the patient’s health and treatment plan.

Personalized Treatment for Patients

Test Smartly Labs of Lee’s Summit provides expert pharmacogenetics testing that can help physicians determine which medications are best for individual patients.

To find out more about pharmacogenetics testing and how we can help with your treatment plans, call (816) 875-9301.

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DNA Testing May Reunite a Mother & Her Long-Lost Daughter

Since the development of DNA testing, the process has been used for legal purposes. Most often when you hear of DNA testing in the news, it’s used to exonerate wrongfully convicted people and to make certain that the right person gets incarcerated.

However, this isn’t the only legal use for DNA testing. As one kidnapping case is proving, it can also be used to bring families together.

Here’s how DNA testing is being used to bring a family back together.

Continue reading “DNA Testing May Reunite a Mother & Her Long-Lost Daughter” »

Uses of DNA Profiles & Identification

When most people think of DNA testing, their mind goes to paternity testing or ancestry testing.

But verifying a biological relationship or revealing more about your genetic background isn’t the only use of DNA testing. Test Smartly Labs of Lee’s Summit can also help you create a custom DNA profile.

What uses might a DNA profile have for you? Read on below.

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Make Your Summer Travels Safe and Simple

One of the best parts of summer is the chance to get away and explore a new place. Every year, many families go away on summer vacations looking to have fun and recharge. But if you don’t prepare properly for your trip, you are setting yourself up for a headache.

Join Test Smartly Labs of Lee’s Summit as we look at a few ways that you can make sure that your summer travels are hassle-free.

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Why To Get a DNA Profile For Your Child

Approximately 800,000 US children go missing each year. It’s a nightmarish scenario for any parent to consider, but it’s a reality that we all must face.

While there is no way to prepare yourself for the anguish of having a child go missing — and often no way to prevent the child from disappearing in the first place — you can prepare a DNA profile to include in your child identification file.

What is a child ID profile, and why is a DNA profile a good component to include? Here are the details.

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Welcome to DNA Exposes Truth by Test Smartly Labs of Lee’s Summit!

Test Smartly Labs of Kansas City logoWhen you think “DNA testing,” your mind might jump to dramatic daytime talk shows that employ paternity testing. Although we do offer pre-birth and post-birth paternity testing which is very important in legal battles, there is more our DNA services than relationship testing. We will feature all of the fascinating facets of DNA testing on our blog, from tests that can reveal your ancestry to forensic DNA testing.

To get your reading started off, here are a few posts on DNA testing shared by our fellow Kansas City area Test Smartly Labs:

Not Sure Who the Father Is?

At Test Smartly Labs of Lee’s Summit, we offer the non-invasive paternity testing that this blog post explores. Rather than the uncomfortable, invasive amniocentesis or chorionic villus sampling (CVS), both of which involve a risk of miscarriage, an expectant mother’s question of paternity can be solved with two blood draws: one from her, and one from the suspected father.

Skip the Script: Ordering Lab Work Yourself

One of the best parts of our confidential, reliable DNA testing is that you don’t need a doctor’s orders to get any sort of testing done at Test Smartly Labs — you can walk right in to our Lee’s Summit location and quickly receive the answers you seek.

Pre-Birth Paternity Testing – No Amnio needed

This post also discusses our non-invasive prenatal DNA testing, but in a little more depth. Rather than the drawn-out amniocentesis — in which a needle is inserted into the placenta to draw out some of the fetal DNA, posing a risk of miscarriage — a mother can instead get a quick blood draw. Since some of the baby’s DNA can be found in the mother’s bloodstream, the same answers can be found through our non-invasive paternity testing.

Test Smartly Labs at the Lawrence Business Expo

Wondering why Test Smartly Labs is the best choice for reliable DNA testing? This post gives some insight into why so many in the Lee’s Summit and greater Kansas City area have trusted us with their private matters of DNA testing for paternity, immigration paperwork, infidelity, custody issues, and more.

Pre-Natal DNA: You Have Options

Wondering what your options are when it comes to testing your child’s DNA to determine a paternal relationship? This post compares our non-invasive prenatal DNA testing with three other options: DNA testing on the placenta, post-birth umbilical cord testing, and a cheek swab paternity test.

Come back soon to learn more about DNA testing and its real-world uses! For more information on our DNA testing services, call Test Smartly Labs of Lee’s Summit at (816) 875-9301.