Health Conditions Passed Down Through Your Genes

All of the hype around mail-in DNA test kits is for good reason. Testing your genetics for important markers can help you catch and treat health issues early, as well as help you figure out your best diet. Our DNA testing services are fast, accurate, and potentially lifesaving. Continue reading “Health Conditions Passed Down Through Your Genes” »

What is mtDNA, and What Impact Does it Have on Genetic Research?

Eager to learn more about your family after seeing relatives this holiday season? DNA testing can help.

Before you get tested, though, it’s good to know more about DNA. Last week, we went over Y-DNA and its uses in DNA testing.

Now, we are exploring mtDNA, and how it can be used to further your genetic research.

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Why You Should Ask Family Members to Get a DNA Test

Think that DNA testing for your ancestry research begins and ends with yourself? Not so.

Even if you’ve already exhausted your resources when it comes to DNA testing, there’s another avenue to pursue: you can ask your relatives to get a DNA test, too.

You might assume that asking family members to get DNA testing is silly because they share a similar genetic makeup to yours. But even though you do share DNA with your relatives, each person has a unique, complicated mix of genes. And since you can unveil more about your family by identifying more DNA sources, the more relatives you should want to get DNA testing.

Here are some reasons why any ancestry research should involve asking relatives to get a DNA test.

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Fun Gift Ideas for a Family Member Who Loves Genetic Research

Gift giving is both a blessing and a curse.

It’s fun to show appreciation for your loved ones by exchanging presents — but sometimes, hunting down that perfect gift can be a headache. You don’t have the time to run all over Kansas City in search of that elusive present for the person who has everything.

If you’re looking for gift ideas for a relative who loves family history research, though, you’re in luck: Test Smartly Labs of Lee’s Summit has compiled a list of must-have gifts for any genetic nut!

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Mistakes You Might Be Making in Your Ancestry Search

Conducting family tree research can be an arduous task.

It takes time to compile information, whether you’re gathering it from books, the internet, personal family records, or conversations with your relatives.

Let’s look at some of the mistakes you might be making as you conduct your ancestry search — and how correcting them can save you time and get you answers.

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Parents: Have You Considered DNA Testing for Your Adopted Child?

For many families, adopting a child is the culmination of years of dreaming. Bringing a child into your family can be incredibly rewarding, yet in some ways, difficult. After all, as a parent you want the very best for your child — but when key information, such as their biological family health history, is not available, providing the best care can prove hard.

Fortunately, DNA testing can provide some answers that adoptive parents may seek.

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Easy Ways to Learn More About Your Ancestry

It is natural to wonder about where you come from and who your ancestors were. Many families did not keep extensive records of their history, leaving it to later generations to solve the mysteries of genealogy.

Fortunately, modern technology makes it easier for us to delve into the past and uncover the truth about our family origins. Today Test Smartly Labs of Lee’s Summit will share some simple tips to help you unlock the secret of your past.

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Using DNA Testing for Your Genealogy Research

Is one of your resolutions this new year to learn more about your origins? After spending so much time with your family this past holiday season, you might be eager to explore your ancestry — even if you’re not keen on spending another 10 hours with your talkative uncle any time soon.

You can certainly glean a lot about your past through your living relatives, and surely the older generations in your family would be happy to regale you with tales of their youth — but for a more clearly-defined picture of your distant past, conducting genealogy research with DNA testing is your best option.

Genealogy research doesn’t have to involve tracking down long-lost relatives or visiting multiple graveyards, courthouses, or libraries. With the developments in scientific technology,  simple DNA-testing — involving a non-invasive cheek swab at Test Smartly Labs of Lee’s Summit — can help you fill in the gaps when it comes to your genealogy research. Here’s how.

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Welcome to DNA Exposes Truth by Test Smartly Labs of Lee’s Summit!

Test Smartly Labs of Kansas City logoWhen you think “DNA testing,” your mind might jump to dramatic daytime talk shows that employ paternity testing. Although we do offer pre-birth and post-birth paternity testing which is very important in legal battles, there is more our DNA services than relationship testing. We will feature all of the fascinating facets of DNA testing on our blog, from tests that can reveal your ancestry to forensic DNA testing.

To get your reading started off, here are a few posts on DNA testing shared by our fellow Kansas City area Test Smartly Labs:

Not Sure Who the Father Is?

At Test Smartly Labs of Lee’s Summit, we offer the non-invasive paternity testing that this blog post explores. Rather than the uncomfortable, invasive amniocentesis or chorionic villus sampling (CVS), both of which involve a risk of miscarriage, an expectant mother’s question of paternity can be solved with two blood draws: one from her, and one from the suspected father.

Skip the Script: Ordering Lab Work Yourself

One of the best parts of our confidential, reliable DNA testing is that you don’t need a doctor’s orders to get any sort of testing done at Test Smartly Labs — you can walk right in to our Lee’s Summit location and quickly receive the answers you seek.

Pre-Birth Paternity Testing – No Amnio needed

This post also discusses our non-invasive prenatal DNA testing, but in a little more depth. Rather than the drawn-out amniocentesis — in which a needle is inserted into the placenta to draw out some of the fetal DNA, posing a risk of miscarriage — a mother can instead get a quick blood draw. Since some of the baby’s DNA can be found in the mother’s bloodstream, the same answers can be found through our non-invasive paternity testing.

Test Smartly Labs at the Lawrence Business Expo

Wondering why Test Smartly Labs is the best choice for reliable DNA testing? This post gives some insight into why so many in the Lee’s Summit and greater Kansas City area have trusted us with their private matters of DNA testing for paternity, immigration paperwork, infidelity, custody issues, and more.

Pre-Natal DNA: You Have Options

Wondering what your options are when it comes to testing your child’s DNA to determine a paternal relationship? This post compares our non-invasive prenatal DNA testing with three other options: DNA testing on the placenta, post-birth umbilical cord testing, and a cheek swab paternity test.

Come back soon to learn more about DNA testing and its real-world uses! For more information on our DNA testing services, call Test Smartly Labs of Lee’s Summit at (816) 875-9301.