Don’t Get Fooled By a Fake Paternity Test

Last week, a woman living in Liverpool, England was jailed for a year for faking the results of a paternity test. Danielle Morris told her ex, Jamie Somers, that he was the father of her daughter.

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Prenatal Paternity Testing

DNA paternity testing is not just a matter of determining a fetus’ biological father, there are many benefits of having a legally admissible test. All you have to do is find a AABB testing facility. Continue reading “Prenatal Paternity Testing” »

Can DNA Testing Be Done Without a Father — and Without His Knowledge?

DNA Testing

DNA testing is used to determine the identity of a child’s father. Generally, these tests are conducted with the suspected father’s knowledge and participation, like when paternity confirmation is required for child support or custody purposes. Continue reading “Can DNA Testing Be Done Without a Father — and Without His Knowledge?” »

How do Genes Affect Child Development? 

Genes & Child Development

The debate of nature vs. nurture has long raged, with many saying that genetic predisposition to behaviors isn’t as important as how parents, communities, or other key individuals shape a child’s upbringing. Genes don’t just play a role in determining appearance and behavior, though — they can also affect a child’s development.

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What Happens During Paternity Testing?


Paternity testing is used to establish a blood relationship between a suspected father and a child. Once this relationship is proven, the father is able to assume legal, parental responsibilities. It is also possible that a court could order a man to pay child support after paternity testing. Sometimes, the test results are used to prove a child’s right to inherit or their entitlement to certain benefits. Many people have misconceptions about what paternity testing involves. Here’s how the testing process goes at Test Smartly Labs of Independence.

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Why Establishing Paternity is Key

Paternity testing is often viewed in a negative light. People don’t always realize that the process is legally required in order for parental rights and responsibilities to be determined in court. Here are some reasons why establishing paternity is so vital!

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How Do Babies Inherit Their Behaviors?

DNA & Behavior

While it’s a bit easier to determine how looks are affected by genetics, when it comes to behavior, the line is not so clear.

Scientists have debated nature vs. nurture for a long time, and there is no clear way of knowing what combinations of genes could determine certain traits.

We’re exploring some of the science behind genes and behavioral tendencies. Read on to learn more!

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How Does a Baby Inherit Its Looks?


Expectant parents often spend hours imagining what their little ones will look like. Will they have mommy’s eyes, or daddy’s? Whose hair color will they inherit? Will the maternal or paternal traits win out? Or will there be a combination of both sides of the family?

Since there are often misconceptions about how a baby’s looks are inherited (including the myth that brown eyed parents can’t birth a blue-eyed baby, and vice versa), we are exploring how physical appearance is determined by our DNA.

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Can a Baby Have a Different Eye Color Than Both of His or Her Parents?

Eye Color

Despite the fact that most people study basic genetics in high school biology class, when it comes time for the practical application of these studies in real life, it can be difficult to remember the basics of genetics.

For example, one question we field sometimes when people consult us about paternity DNA testing? “Can two blue eyed parents have a brown eyed baby?”

There is definitely some confusion when it comes to this topic! Read on for the answer.

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Unbelievable Results of Twin DNA Testing – You’ll Never Believe It!

Did you know that twins can have different fathers? No? Neither did many people until they heard the story of a set of Patterson, NJ twins with different fathers.

The rare occurrence was discovered after a mother of twin girls took the alleged father to court for child support. In order to rule in the case, Judge Sohail Mohammed ordered court-admissible DNA testing — and it revealed that the alleged father was only the father of one twin!

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