DNA Testing Advances to Help Exonerate & Convict More Accurately

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What are MoMo Twins?

MoMo Twins

You may have seen a viral photo a few years ago: two twin girls holding hands just moments after birth. The heartwarming picture was not only rare for the love it captured; it also features a rare type of sibling, monoamniotic or MoMo twins. What exactly is a MoMo twin and what makes them such a rare pair? Read on to learn more!

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Do Identical Twins Have the Same DNA?

Identical Twins

Identical twins are particularly interesting from a genetic standpoint because their physical characteristics are precisely the same. This leads many people to wonder if twins share the same DNA.

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Bogota Twins Switched at Birth

Brothers from Different Mothers

Many mothers say the best days of their lives are the days when their children were born. Mothers of twins have a double dose of fond memories. Those great memories can quickly turn into horrendous nightmares when hospital employees make mistakes and send children home with the wrong parents. Sometimes the mistakes aren’t realized until decades later like in the case of two sets of twins from Bogota, Colombia, who were in for a shock of their lives: each brother discovered the twin he’d been raised with wasn’t his biological relative.

The Meat of the Story

Twin Brothers

Two women walked into a Bogota grocery store. One woman, Laura, thought she recognized the man behind the butcher counter as Jorge who worked at her office. Her friend, Janeth, corrected her. “Oh, no, that’s William,” Janeth said. Laura went to work the following Monday and told Jorge about the confusion. He laughed and told her that he had a brother named Carlos, but they looked nothing alike. Jorge had enough evidence to suggest that his life and his family was not what he thought it was.

Laura returned a month later to the butcher counter with a picture of Jorge. The men behind the counter said they could see why she was confused, laughed, and chalked it up to coincidence.

The Big Reveal

Jorge showed the man who he grew up with, Carlos, a picture of William. Jorge then showed Carlos a picture of his double, Wilber and William standing together. Jorge and Carlos thought that maybe they were switched at birth. After several phone calls and texts to their mother, it was confirmed that both sets of twins were born at the same hospital.

Janeth arranged for William and Jorge to meet. They were open to meeting each other. Wilber, on the other hand was apprehensive. Eventually, all four brothers agreed to meet at the town square in front of William’s butcher shop after his shift. The meeting lasted three hours, with the brothers wanting to meet again.

Don’t Let It Happen to You

Even though this story of twins reuniting is heartwarming, it is also heartbreaking that it happened. The children you return home from the hospital with should be biologically yours. If you’re concerned that you may have the wrong child, Test Smartly Labs of Lee’s Summit can help. We proudly offer twin DNA testing so you can be 100 percent sure that you’re raising the right child. To learn more, contact us at (816) 875-9301 today.

Unbelievable Results of Twin DNA Testing – You’ll Never Believe It!

Did you know that twins can have different fathers? No? Neither did many people until they heard the story of a set of Patterson, NJ twins with different fathers.

The rare occurrence was discovered after a mother of twin girls took the alleged father to court for child support. In order to rule in the case, Judge Sohail Mohammed ordered court-admissible DNA testing — and it revealed that the alleged father was only the father of one twin!

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