What are MoMo Twins?

You may have seen the viral photo from a few years ago: two twin newborn girls, holding hands. The adorable picture was rare not only for the love it captured but also for the rare type of sibling it featured. The twins in the photo are monoamniotic or MoMo twins. What is a MoMo twin and why are they such a rare occurrence? Read on to learn more!

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Bogota Twins Switched at Birth

Many mothers say the best day of their life is when their child was born. Mothers of twins get double doses of great memories. Those memories can quickly turn into terror when mistakes are made and children are sent home with the wrong parents. Sometimes the error isn’t realized until years later like in the case of two sets of twins from Bogota, Colombia. All four brothers were in for the shock of their lives when they each discovered that the twin he’d been raised with wasn’t biologically related to him. Continue reading “Bogota Twins Switched at Birth” »

Do Identical Twins Have the Same DNA?

Have you wondered if identical twins share the same DNA? These types of twins are a genetic marvel because their characteristics are exactly the same. Many people believe identical twins are the same right down to their genes.

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