Don’t Delay Your DNA Testing

Since DNA testing — particularly ancestry testing — isn’t always viewed as a necessity, sometimes people feel they can push off their testing.

While this certainly isn’t the case in terms of legally-needed processes, like immigration DNA testing or testing for criminal cases, when it comes to other types, people think the test can wait.

We’re here to tell you that when the time comes, you will appreciate having your DNA test results already.

Here are the main reasons why now is the time for DNA testing!

Why DNA Testing Now?

Solve Paternity Questions, Save on Legal Woes

Child CustodyIf you have a child with unresolved paternity and think that DNA testing isn’t necessary, you may not have considered the myriad of legal issues that can arise when biological relationships aren’t definitively established.

Even if you and your child’s father or mother are on good terms now, you never know when the relationship could go south and legal actions could be taken.

Whether you end up in a custody dispute, fight over child support payments, or simply need paternity confirmed to claim a dependent on your taxes, you can save the headache later by getting DNA testing now. 

Your Relatives Aren’t Getting Any Younger

If you’re interested in ancestry testing but deferring the process for some reason, keep in mind that if you are able to test more family members, you will learn much more about the far-reaching branches of your family tree. Asking your older living relatives to get DNA testing now is your best option for learning more about your ancestors, as they unfortunately won’t be around forever.

DNA Testing Results Won’t Change

Think you don’t need DNA testing now? Well, you may need those results sometime in the future – and the beauty of our DNA is that it doesn’t change. You can get your DNA testing results now and access them at any time in the future as needed. So, for example, if the unthinkable happens and you need a sample of your child’s DNA to aid law enforcement in a missing person’s case, you could use their previous DNA testing results.

Reliable DNA Testing in Lee’s Summit

While it’s impossible to look into the future and know if you need DNA testing, with your results, you can learn more about your past. Armed with DNA testing results from Test Smartly Labs of Lee’s Summit, you’ll be equipped for any legal battles or emergency situations that come your way.

To get started, call (816) 875-9301 today and speak to one of our DNA testing experts.

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