Uses of DNA Profiles & Identification

When most people think of DNA testing, their mind goes to paternity testing or ancestry testing.

But verifying a biological relationship or revealing more about your genetic background isn’t the only use of DNA testing. Test Smartly Labs of Lee’s Summit can also help you create a custom DNA profile.

What uses might a DNA profile have for you? Read on below.

Uses of a DNA Profile

Help Find Your Child in an EmergencyDNA

One of the most common uses of the DNA profile is in a child ID kit. The FBI recommends that all parents create a kit with a recent photo of all children, a physical description of all children, fingerprints, and a DNA profile for each child. These kits can be used by law enforcement to make positive identifications in case of an emergency, like a natural disaster, or even a criminal event.

Traveling Employees

If you are an employer with workers who travel often, you might consider creating a DNA profile for each employee, particularly if they are traveling overseas to volatile regions. If your company contracts with the military, for example, you may want to create DNA profiles for your workers. This way, in the event of an accident or attack, authorities would be able to identify the employees and bring closure to their families.

Estate Insurance

One reason you might want to create a DNA profile for yourself? To prevent inheritance disputes after your death. By creating a DNA profile, you ensure that your rightful heirs inherit your estate and belongings and that no false claims to your property are made.

Get a DNA Profile in Lee’s Summit

Whether you want to create a DNA profile for yourself, your family, or your workforce, Test Smartly Labs of Lee’s Summit can help. Contact us today at (816) 875-9301 to get started.

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