Could This DNA Test Be the Answer to Addiction?

So many addicts know all too well that addiction is a family disease and if you are genetically predisposed your risk is higher than those who are not. The risk becomes even higher for opiate addicts because one unsuspecting opiate pain prescription could get you hooked.

Risk Factors of Addiction

The risks alone are not family related. Roughly half the risk of addiction comes from DNA, the rest is up to environment. An addict doesn’t have to have a family history of drug abuse or be in an environment that would contribute to substance abuse.

The DNA Test

Brian Meshkin, CEO of Proove Bioscience, has created a product called Proove Opioid Risk. With a 93% accuracy rate, it tests your genetic profile to assess your risk. A cheek swab is taken and tested for 12 genes that are part of the brain’s mesolimbic system, the pathway of the brain associated with addiction. Six questions that are predictive of a future opioid addict, like history of depression, are also asked. The information is combined in their algorithm for a result of low, medium or high-risk.

Results of Proove DNA Test

Even if the claims of a 93% accuracy are true, there are many other non-predictive pieces of human behavior and environment that can converge to create an addict. This test is merely one preventative measure, it does not guarantee to keep someone from becoming an addict, not does it claim to be any better than what clinicians are currently doing.


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