What Can DNA Testing Change?

We are all much more than we appear. Recently, the travel site Momondo has started a campaign encouraging people to get DNA tests. The data provided is thought to encourage people to travel to areas where they have ancestry and, in turn, allow them see a new way of living and thinking.

Our View of Other Cultures

We don’t have to find out that a large part of our lineage is completely different than we thought. It’s possible that someone who learns that they are even a small percent of another ethnicity than they previously knew could be more likely to change their behaviors. There’s a chance they could be kinder to people they now identify with a tiny bit.

Family Health

The thing about history is that it is next to impossible to be sure about what happened. When it comes to family history, so much has gone on in the world that there is a good chance you don’t know where half your family comes from and your family lore is shrouded in mystery and guess-work. Getting tested could help everyone learn about health risks that you’re predisposed to.

Above All, Learn

It would be great is just by getting a simple DNA test we could spread peace and promote health, but it’s much more than that. As we have seen with the recent popularity of DNA testing, humans are curious. We want to know what’s going one, especially where we are from. Learning about a new culture, including the good and bad, that we might never have considered can only help.

DNA testing is opening up new realms of information to everyone, not just scientists. If a simple test can reveal that you are at a higher risk for dangerous diseases or will help some become more accepting, why wouldn’t you take it and see?

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