DNA Testing May Reunite a Mother & Her Long-Lost Daughter

Since the development of DNA testing, the process has been used for legal purposes. Most often when you hear of DNA testing in the news, it’s used to exonerate wrongfully convicted people and to make certain that the right person gets incarcerated.

However, this isn’t the only legal use for DNA testing. As one kidnapping case is proving, it can also be used to bring families together.

Here’s how DNA testing is being used to bring a family back together.

DNA Testing Solving a Kidnapping Case

A Child Taken Illegally to Mexico

Back in 2007 Alondra Diaz Garcia was wrongfully taken to Mexico by her father, Reynaldo Diaz. The girl’s mother, Dorotea Garcia, spent eight years searching fruitlessly for her missing child.

Then Mexican courts announced that they had good news. They had found the 14 year-old, who was living under the name Alondra Luna. Luna was removed from the custody of her family amid her own protests and taken to Texas. DNA testing was performed only to prove that Luna could not be Garcia’s daughter.

DNA Testing Makes a MatchMother & Daughter

Luna was sent back to her family in Mexico, but Garcia quickly announced that she had found her true daughter. Judge Cinthia Elodia Mercado, who sent Luna out of Mexico without DNA testing, ordered that such testing take place in Mexico before Alondra Diaz Garcia can be released to her mother.

The results of this round of DNA testing are all but certain. Garcia and her daughter have already been reunited in a Mexican courtroom and are now awaiting completion of the legalities so they can head back to the U.S.

DNA Testing Clears Up Confusion

DNA testing has a multitude of uses. Sometimes it plays a role in cases that attract massive media attention. Other times it is used in more private ways where the results only really matter to the person being tested and those closest to them. Regardless, DNA testing is a powerful tool that helps to definitively answer questions that would have remained mysterious just a few decades ago.

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