The Uses of DNA Testing

Uses of DNA

So, you’ve heard about DNA testing but have very little knowledge about how it works. You’re not alone. Many people don’t have a clue about DNA testing, which could be very beneficial to their health and overall well-being. With over 25,000 genes total, it’s important to know how they serve you. DNA testing can help identify how your genes affect your health.

Legal Matters

In cases of divorce, child custody, inheritance claims, or child support, you may be required to conduct DNA testing before a judge will make a ruling. Court-admissible DNA testing can be used to determine or verify biological relationships as needed. Paternity and maternity testing often comes into play, as does grandparentage testing for custody cases or siblingship for inheritance matters.

In divorce proceedings, infidelity DNA testing may also be used to determine if a spouse cheated, which may affect the outcome of asset distribution.

Health & Wellness

DNA testing also helps determine if there is a genetic disorder in the family and if it poses a threat to the person being tested. Carrier testing, specifically, identifies whether or not a person carries the genes for a genetic disorder that can be passed on to their children.

Your DNA can also affect how your body response to diet and exercise. Results from our health and wellness DNA tests can be used to develop a fitness and diet plan that actually works for you. And our cutting-edge pharmacogenetics testing can reveal what medications may cause you to have an adverse reaction, and what prescriptions will be most effective for you based on your DNA.

Criminal Uses

In crime scene investigations, forensic DNA testing helps identify and rule out suspects. Experts are able to extract DNA from skin cells, blood, hair, and other bodily fluids. Again, in these cases DNA testing must be conducted following all court-admissible procedures to ensure that results can be submitted as evidence.

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