DNA on Your TV: Making a Murderer

Making a Murderer

We’re starting a new series on DNA Exposes Truth called “DNA on Your TV!” In these posts, we’ll explore television shows that featured DNA testing or DNA mysteries extensively, covering what the shows get right — or get wrong.

First up, a Netflix docu-series that’s been captivating Americans since its release: Making a Murderer.

Making a Murderer & DNA Evidence

The Premise

Making a Murderer follows Wisconsin man Steven Avery, who was arrested and convicted in 1985 of sexual assault. He served 18 years in prison before being exonerated when DNA evidence linked another man to the case.

In 2003, following his release, Avery filed a $36 million lawsuit against the county and many officials. Shortly after, he was accused of murdering photography Teresa Halbach.

The show follows Avery’s case and brings to light alleged inaccuracies and injustices.

The Role of DNA

DNA evidence plays a big role in the series. Avery was exonerated thanks to DNA testing, as the DNA from the sexual assault he was convicted for belonged to Gregory Allen, a rapist who was serving a sixty-year prison sentence.

DNA was also part of the Halbach murder investigation. Blood in Halbach’s RAV4 was tested and found to be Avery’s; his defense team alleges that it was planted, pointing to a sample the county had on file that had been tampered with. Avery’s DNA was also discovered under the hood of Halbach’s vehicle.

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