Are You Making These Mistakes During Your Ancestry Research?

Ancestry research can be a long, slow, frustrating process. It takes time to pull information together, whether you’re gathering it from books, online, family records, or simply talking with your relatives. If you’re not careful, there are some mistakes you can make as you go through this process. Let’s examine some of those mistakes and how correcting them can help you get answers and save time.

Ancestry Research Mistakes to Avoid

Chaotic Family Files

As we mentioned, researching your ancestry takes time, so it can be tempting to skip crucial steps like citing your sources, especially if you’re conducting your research for personal use.

Careful! You may end up accidentally touching a source twice and doing the research you’ve already completed! Because of the high volume of information you’re gathering during a search, this can happen quite frequently.

To stay organized while looking through your family tree, create a log where you can record what you learned, the exact search terms you used, and the date you found the information. Preserve the knowledge you gain from your search by recording your family stories, too.

Disregarding Ancestry Search Tools at Your Fingertips

Family stories should be your first source of ancestry documentation! Those holiday gossip sessions could reveal some vital information you never knew, like where an undocumented relative once lived, or the name of a long-lost uncle. Personal testimonies from your family can be a goldmine of new information.

What’s more, if you have been doing research for a while, you may feel that getting a DNA test is unnecessary. Actually, ancestry DNA testing can provide crucial information about your family, like where an ancestor settled when they immigrated. You might hit roadblock after roadblock without the results from an ancestry DNA test.

Barking Up the Wrong (Family) Tree

Is it possible to look at the wrong family tree for information? Absolutely! If your family name is common, it can be hard to determine the offshoots of your family tree versus people who don’t actually belong. Unusual spelling and name changes can also cause confusion, along with human errors in documentation from years ago. Be prepared for the chance that you don’t know all of your family’s secrets, including adoptions or infidelities that resulted in children. You may find out something shocking like your great-grandmother was adopted and never knew!

Avoid These Mistakes with a DNA Test at Test Smartly Labs

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