Don’t Trust a Home DNA Test – Why Lab-Based DNA Testing is the Way to Go

With the popularity of genealogy research increasing, no doubt you may have encountered some home DNA testing options during your time on the World Wide Web. Although these home DNA test kits promise speed and accuracy, when it comes to practical usage, they fall short in many ways.

When you’re committed to uncovering more about your background, we find it makes the most sense to invest in the tests you’re using to unlock your genetic makeup.

Why is the home DNA test not the most reliable? Get the details below.

Why a Home DNA Test is Not Your Best Option

A Home DNA Test is Not Legally Admissible

Sure, you may start your genetic research “just for fun,” but if it turns out that the results are not as you expected and you need to take any legal sort of action — such as contesting paternity — you will need to start the DNA testing process all over again. This is because the home DNA test will not be legally admissible in court. Since DNA specimens for home test kits are not collected by trained professionals who can attest to the fact that a certain individual’s genetic material was captured, it’s not possible to verify who was screened in a home DNA test — even if the test was processed at an AABB Accredited Relationship Testing Laboratory.

Lab-Based DNA Testing is Done By a ProfessionalTest Smartly Labs of Lee's Summit | Home DNA Test

A home DNA test might seem appealing because you can complete the test yourself without heading in to a lab. But on the other hand, if you don’t follow the instructions carefully, you could gather your genetic material incorrectly, yielding inaccurate results. Furthermore, the cheap quality of many of the online home DNA test kits means that they may not be as reliable as a lab-based version. With top-of-the-line equipment and highly-trained collectors, you can’t go wrong with lab-based DNA testing!

You Can Test for More Genetic Markers

When you buy a home DNA test from the Internet, chances are you get a low-grade version that doesn’t text for very many genetic markers. With a lab-based test, you can be tested for more markers, giving you a more comprehensive picture of your genetic make-up. If you’re going to get tested, why not make it the most thorough testing the first time?

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