Why Establishing Paternity is Key

Paternity testing is often viewed in a negative light. People don’t always realize that the process is legally required in order for parental rights and responsibilities to be determined in court. Here are some reasons why establishing paternity is so vital!

Resolving Custody Issues

Before granting custody, visitation or child support, the court will establish paternity. The process of determining whom the child or children’s legal mother and father are is a standard part of a divorce. If a parent refuses to acknowledge a child that is said to be his or hers, the judge may order genetic testing as a way to establish paternity. This helps determine which parent the child will live with and when the noncustodial parent gets to see his or her kid.

Divorce Proceedings

Divorce becomes far more complicated when children are involved. Who will the kids live with? How much child support will the noncustodial parent be required to pay? These type of questions and more come up when a couple files for divorce. That’s why a paternity test is key in clearing things up legally.

In some cases, a woman may be pregnant at the time of a divorce. A man may request a paternity test at the time to determine whether or not the child is his. This helps determine how much child support he is required to pay if the child in question isn’t his but other children are his biological children. A paternity test is considered when granting custody to a parent as mentioned before.

Medical Information

Genetics play a role in a child’s medical history. Without establishing paternity, it may be impossible to treat a sick or injured boy or girl. A medical professional looks at a child’s parents first for important information about the kid’s medical background. This includes a history of disease, allergies, and disorders and allows the doctor to formulate a plan for treating the child.

Establish Paternity with Test Smartly Labs of Greater Kansas City

As you can see, there are many reasons why establishing paternity is key. Not only does it resolve custody issues and help with divorce proceedings, it also provides valuable clues about a child’s medical history. Without a paternity test, a parent may not be able to see their kid and be a part of their life if the other parent doesn’t want them to.

Test Smartly Labs of Lee’s Summit can help you determine a child’s paternity with discreet, accurate paternity testing — including pre-natal testing. To get started, contact us today at (816) 875-9301.

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