You’re Just Like Your Father: Our DNA Makeup

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “You’re just like your father!” And in fact, science shows that this is partially true.

Parental DNA

Scientists have known for quite sometime that we inherit genes; our DNA makeup, from both of our parents. In the past, science has showed that half of our DNA is from our mother, half from our father. DNA testing studies at the North Carolina School of Medicine has shown that we actually have more of our father’s DNA than our mother’s.


Findings from the study were printed in the journal Nature Genetics and show that the DNA makeup of tested mice expressed the father’s DNA more prominently than that of the mother. To make sure the study expressed true randomized settings, mice were used from different continents. They were then bred to produce several different types of offspring to ensure a proper mixing of genetic material for potential outcomes.

DNA Expression

Scientists are able to tag the DNA from specific genes to see which ones are present and expressed in the living organism that resulted. Does this mean our fathers are more important genetically than our mothers? This may be. In the future of genetic and DNA testing, this study shows some genes exhibit more expression when it was received from the father.

Inherited Disease

Over the past several decades, it has been known that many illnesses were thought to be inherited. With the ability to perform polymer chain reaction tests, DNA strands were actually able to be identified within a gene. With the billions of genes that make up all of us, it is amazing to find that specific ones were specific for types of cancers and heart disease.

Using PCR and RNA sequencing, scientists and doctors hope to be able to reduce the incidence of genetic disease with counseling and utilize early testing that can help reduce incidence and treat diseases before they become life threatening. Lifestyle changes and early interventions can help.

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