What Can You Find with a DNA Test?

More than you’d think! DNA tests aren’t just gimmicks as seen on TV – they provide insights that tell us incredible stories about our genes. A wealth of ancestral and health questions can be answered, all thanks to Watson and Crick’s double-helix discovery in 1953.

DNA research has been around for almost 150 years, and we still don’t know every possibility. Here are some of the awesome things a DNA test can do:

Promote Weight Loss

Researchers have identified gene variants that may predispose adults and children to obesity, and up to 80% of our body fat is regulated by our genes. A DNA test can help locate those variants, but research still has a long way to go before we can say definitively that weight gain and loss is all about what’s in your genes. DNA testing is the first step for researchers to understand how genetics, nutrition, and exercise are all related to help people live healthy lives.

Predict the Future

This is more than determining whether or not your baby will have detached earlobes. A DNA test can locate chromosomal abnormalities that may cause a genetic disorder. Prenatal genetic testing may stretch even further to identify potential developmental issues or disabilities. DNA testing can also reveal your future medical history by looking at your parents’ genes and determining your risk factor for certain diseases and help you take preventive measures.

Map Your Family Tree

A DNA test can not only verify your relationship to your immediate family – it can open avenues for discovering centuries-worth of relatives. We can use DNA testing to better understand ourselves and our history. DNA testing can also look at the similarities between genetic samples and help connect you back to your ancestral lands. You may be as Irish as you thought! (Or not.)

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