Don’t Get Fooled By a Fake Paternity Test

Last week, a woman living in Liverpool, England was jailed for a year for faking the results of a paternity test. Danielle Morris told her ex, Jamie Somers, that he was the father of her daughter.

Somers paid child support, prepared a bedroom, had the child stay with him on a weekly basis, and tattooed the baby’s name on his arm. Morris later told him that he was not the father. Somers paid for another DNA test to be sure but Morris faked a results document. Somers was thrilled by the positive results, but when he called the testing facility for more information they informed him that he was not related to the child — leaving him heartbroken.

This situation could happen to anyone. If you don’t want to get fooled by a false claim, following the tips below.

Be a Part of Every Step

As soon as you get the news that you might be the father of a child, make sure to get a DNA test and be sure that you are a part of the process. Agree on the testing facility, go together to get the test done, this way you can be sure it actually goes through correctly. Provide your contact information so that you can get the results directly.

Don’t Make Rash Decisions

Like Mr. Somers, you might be thrilled that you have a child. However, until you get a DNA test, hold off on making any huge life changes like preparing a nursery, get a name tattooed, or paying child support.

When Worse Comes to Worse

If the child’s mother has claimed you are the father but you don’t believe it and the mother is fighting against a paternity test, you may have to go through the courts. Getting a court order is not an ideal choice but in the long run, it can save you time, money, and heartache in the future.

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