What Form of Paternity Testing is Best for Me?

There are several different kinds of paternity testing available to confirm the paternity of a child. Today we’ll be taking a look at your paternity testing options. There are pros and cons with each type of paternity testing, so you should know all the facts first.

Pre-Birth Paternity Testing

Paternity Testing Services in Lee's Summit, MO

If you need to verify the father before the child is born, there are some pre-birth paternity tests for you to choose from.

• Amniocentesis – This paternity test involves a doctor inserting a needle into the mother’s abdomen and withdrawing amniotic fluid from the uterus. While this procedure is very accurate, there are some medical risks involved. These include possible miscarriage, a chance of hurting the fetus, cramping, amniotic fluid leakage or vaginal bleeding.

• Chorionic Villus Sampling or CVS – This paternity test requires a thin needle or tube to be inserted through the vagina and guided up through the cervix. At this point, the needle will take a sample of chorionic villi, which is tissue on the uterus wall. While CVS is another accurate test, a doctor’s consent is required due to the possible risks of uterine infection, Rh sensitivity and potential miscarriage.

• Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity Tests – If you’re not comfortable with invasive paternity tests, there are a few quality non-invasive forms of paternity testing. One paternity test matches the DNA in your blood to a sample cheek swab from the assumed father’s mouth. While this kind of paternity test has an accuracy rate of over 99%, it does require the cooperation from the father.

Post-Birth Paternity Testing

If you choose to wait until your baby is born, there are some very good post-birth paternity tests available. The benefit to waiting for post-birth paternity testing is that the procedure is non-invasive and can be done with or without the father. This paternity test takes a DNA sample obtained from a cheek swab, some hair or fingernail clippings to confirm or deny paternity.

Reliable Paternity Testing Services in Lee’s Summit

There are several options for paternity testing services. You should take a look at your specific circumstances and make an informed decision based off of the information we’ve provided.

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