Fun Gift Ideas for a Family Member Who Loves Genetic Research

Gift giving is both a blessing and a curse.

It’s fun to show appreciation for your loved ones by exchanging presents — but sometimes, hunting down that perfect gift can be a headache. You don’t have the time to run all over Kansas City in search of that elusive present for the person who has everything.

If you’re looking for gift ideas for a relative who loves family history research, though, you’re in luck: Test Smartly Labs of Lee’s Summit has compiled a list of must-have gifts for any genetic nut!

Gift Ideas for Your Genetics-Loving Relative

Printed Photo Book

You can take your relative’s family tree research and turn it into a hardbound photo book they will cherish forever. Include family photos of your ancestors, maps of where they lived, and even a copy of the family tree, if you have one. If you think your relative would want a say in how the book is laid out, you can purchase a gift card and offer to spend an afternoon combing through their research and photos to create the book together — the gift of your company and the chance to share their ancestry research may actually mean more to them than the physical book!

Road Trip!Holiday Gift Giving

Want a gift idea that your relatives won’t soon forget? Make a road-trip ready basket including gas gift cards, water bottles, car snacks, and a map that lays out your route, then invite your ancestry-loving family member on a tour of spots that are significant to your family history. From your great-grandfather’s homestead to a distant aunt’s gravesite, plan out a road trip that hits some major spots your relative has wanted to visit.

Personalized Family Tree

Snag a copy of your family tree and send it off to get a customized version. Whether you opt for a laser cut paper family tree, a carved wooden cutting board, a digital print, or even family tree jewelry, your relative should appreciate the sentiment.

DNA Testing

If your relative is into their ancestry research but hasn’t gotten a DNA test, then it could be the best gift they get! Ancestry DNA testing will reveal more about where their ancestors once lived, while ethnicity DNA testing can tell them more about their specific genetic makeup. For an even better gift idea, offer to go along and get your own DNA test — having your results will further their ancestry research, and it’ll be a cool bonding experience!

Our comfortable Lee’s Summit facility is the perfect place to fulfill all your DNA testing needs. You can walk in for same day service, and with a simple, painless cheek swab learn more about your genetic background. To get started, call (816) 875-9301 today!

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