How do Genes Affect Child Development? 

Genes & Child Development

The debate of nature vs. nurture has long raged, with many saying that genetic predisposition to behaviors isn’t as important as how parents, communities, or other key individuals shape a child’s upbringing. Genes don’t just play a role in determining appearance and behavior, though — they can also affect a child’s development.

Nature vs. Nurture in Childhood Development

It simply implies that children turn out to be the way that they are because of their DNA or the life experiences and physical quarters that they grow up in. This can be the homes in which they are raised, the cities that they live in, the schools they go to, and even the extracurricular activities they’re involved in.


It goes without saying that the nature-nurture discussion becomes tricky when dealing with adopted children. Because their adopted parents do not share the same genes as them, they must be products of their environments, right? That’s not necessarily the case as they may choose to rebel completely because they don’t feel comfortable or like they fit into the family because of genetics.

Genetic vs. Environmental Expression

Genes are expressed either genetically or environmentally. The dominant gene determines traits such as hair color and eye color. Environmental interactions explain why drug abuse during pregnancy affect a child’s health and development. Poor nutrition and chronic illness also explain why a child may not grow to his or her height potential despite having taller parents and/or siblings
Now that you know how genes affect child development, you’ll finally be able to plan accordingly for the changes your child experiences as they grow. You’ll be able to control many of their environmental reactions by simply refraining from harmful behavior and helping children eat healthily, exercise, and remain well through regular check-ups with a pediatrician.

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