Is Happiness Genetic? 

Is Happiness Genetic

Is happiness hiding in your genes? Scientists who published a report in the Nature Genetics journal propose that some people may be predisposed toward a happier outlook. This doesn’t mean that people who don’t possess these particular genetic components are doomed to a life of sadness. Rather, it suggests insights into why some people appear to be predisposed to happiness.

A Genetic Connection to Happiness

The study’s authors looked at the genetic data of approximately 298,000 people. Participants’ genomes were compared against their own reports concerning their level of life satisfaction.

After reviewing the findings, the scientists had identified three genetic indicators linked to variances in happiness levels.

Genes and a Tendency Toward Happiness

The scientists point out that not finding these specific genes in a certain individual’s genetic code does not mark them for a life of gloom. Instead, they argue that these genes are merely an incredibly small part of what goes into making a person happy. Study co-author Meike Bartels notes that DNA still holds many mysteries, and that there may be other links between genes and happiness that have yet to be discovered.

Nature and Nurture

Bartels also cautions that a person’s happiness isn’t simply written in their genes. There are also many environmental factors at play. In short, the amount of happiness an individual experiences is the result of a combination of genes and external experiences.

More Research to Come

The authors of the study believe that this is just the beginning of the research into a genetic link to happiness. With larger participant samples it may be possible to find even more links between DNA and a propensity toward happiness.

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