It’s All in Your DNA

Genealogy is a fascinating subject. The popularity of ancestry websites and the TLC series “Who Do You Think You Are?” expose something important about human nature: we want to know where we came from. We want to know the stories behind the people who came before us and made our lives possible.

One of the most intriguing aspects of genealogy is the uncovering of a good story. We swell up with pride if an ancestor took part in an important historical event or fought his or her way through adversity to economic success. We question our own nature if it is revealed that an ancestor committed a serious crime. On some level, we see remnants of those long-forgotten people in ourselves, as if knowing them better will help us know ourselves.

If you’d like to get started in genealogy, you might be surprised at what you could find if you know where to look.

  • Newspaper records and digitized newspaper websites can hold a wealth of information. You could find relatives’ obituaries, stories about arrests, and so much more. Search online records or go to library or state archives to scroll through papers on microfilm.

  • Court records are another good resource, although sometimes they are difficult to access, as most of them aren’t available online. However, you might be able to discover divorce cases, marriage dates and locations, and other information about your ancestor’s families and relationships.

  • Sometimes what you’re looking for is right beneath your nose (or above your head in the attic). Go through your house, and relatives’ houses, to search for old diaries, letters, photo albums and whatever else you can find that might give you clues about your family’s past.

  • Checking census records can give basic information about the status of your ancestors during specific years. For example, you might find how many people were in the household, as well as their ages and names. You might find records of slaves in these records as well. Often the census can hold many clues if you are able to read between the lines of the basic facts listed.DNA Test

  • Advances in DNA science are revealing even more about our ancestry. Sometimes the paper trail of your ancestors simply stops, and it seems impossible to find out any more information about where your family came from. However, a simple DNA test can take you back to your earliest roots, showing the percentage of your ancestry that comes from specific regions around the world. The answers that come from a DNA test are often surprising, leading you to places you never thought to look. If you’d like to find out more about your ancestors, but the paper trail has gone cold, Test Smartly Labs of Lee’s Summit can perform an ancestry DNA test to help you discover more about your family’s roots.

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