Keep Safe During Summer Travels

Summer is the best time to get away and go on an adventure to a new place. Many families go away every year during the summer looking to have fun and recharge before the next school year. Make sure you’re properly prepared before you travel so you don’t give yourself a headache. Test Smartly Labs looks at a few ways that you can make sure your summer travels are safe and worry-free.

Safe Travels with These Helpful Tips

DNA Profiling Before You Travel

The risks that come with travel are unpleasant to consider but should be carefully thought about before you leave the country. There is a chance that you or your child may get lost in another country. Your chances are increased when you’re unfamiliar with the area. Fortunately, DNA profiling will help you to minimize your risk. DNA profiling makes it easy to identify you or your child if someone becomes lost and needs help from the authorities. Other parts of necessary identification, including fingerprints and a recent photo, coupled with DNA profiling, can dramatically increase your chances that you or your lost child will be safely returned to your family.

Move Quickly Through Airport Security

Airport security can simultaneously spike your blood pressure while also boring you to tears. Removing your shoes, taking out all your valuable electronics, and making multiple trips through a metal detector is the worst way to start your vacation. Sign up for TSA Pre-Check to make your trip easier from start to finish. After you’ve completed this simple process, your TSA Pre-Check qualification will show up on your boarding pass and you’ll be able to enjoy a quicker security process before you set off on your great adventure.

Vaccines are Your Best Traveling Companion

Many travelers forget how important it is to get properly vaccinated before they travel. Some diseases, like the measles, are rare here but common in other countries. It is important for you and anyone traveling with you to get the vaccinated before you visit any country outside of the United Staes. This protects both yourself and anyone living in the U.S. who hasn’t been vaccinated, like small children. Don’t skimp on the flu vaccinations, either! The CDC recommends that anyone going abroad gets vaccinated for the flu at least two weeks before they leave.

Sometimes unavailable vaccination records can complicate the pre-travel vaccination process. A titers test can provide valuable information about which diseases from which you are or are not immune. Taking care of these important steps will make your vacation safer and more relaxing.

Wherever you’re headed, Test Smartly Labs provides affordable, reliable testing services for you and your family. No appointment is needed, so you can knock out your vacation prep at your convenience.

Test Smartly Labs provides accurate, confidential DNA tests. To learn more about our DNA Testing Services, contact Test Smartly Labs today at (816) 800-9699. We have five lab locations in the greater Kansas City area!

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