Learn More About Your Birth Parents or Relatives

People visiting testing offices for a number of reasons. Some need to prove a biological relationship for legal reasons. Some are simply interested in learning more about their ancestry. Some are undergoing the immigration process. And some are adopted, seeking more information on their biological parents and other birth relatives.

There are a number of legal steps one can take to learn more about biological relatives, including birth parents. Here’s where you can start.

Steps to Take When Searching for Your Birth Parents

Request Adoption Records

Adopted adults seeking more information on their biological parents or other birth relatives should start by researching laws on adoption records for the state in which their adoptions occurred. In Missouri, an adopted adult (or their lineal descendant, if the adopted adult is deceased), may request identifying information about the biological parents. The biological parents will be informed about the request, then decide if they consent to the release of information or if they would like to update their medical history. In Kansas, an adopted adult can contact the Kansas State Vital Records Office to receive all the information in their adoption file.


Look Into Online Adoption Registries

Online adoption registries make it easy for adopted adults to reach out to distant birth relatives. After all, you don’t know where your biological parents or other relations may live — and perhaps you have a full- or half-sibling out there searching for you!

Request Non-Identifying Information

Even if your birth parents don’t relinquish identifying information, you can still request the agency or state who handled your adoption to release non-identifying information. You won’t get the names of your biological parents but could learn your birth parents’ ages, a description of them, and even information on their occupations, health history, and the circumstances surrounding your adoption.

This information might not seem as powerful as the name of a definite biological relative, but it can prove useful when corroborating if you have indeed located a birth relative through other means. For example, if you connect with a potential birth relative online, you can see if your stories align before taking more serious steps, like DNA testing.

DNA Testing

If you want to verify a biological relationship, DNA testing is the way to go. A quick, painless cheek swab can confirm your blood ties and clarify so much about your history!

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