Mistakes You Might Be Making in Your Ancestry Search

Conducting family tree research can be an arduous task.

It takes time to compile information, whether you’re gathering it from books, the internet, personal family records, or conversations with your relatives.

Let’s look at some of the mistakes you might be making as you conduct your ancestry search — and how correcting them can save you time and get you answers.

Ancestry Search Errors to Avoid

Disorganized Family History Files

Kansas City | Mistakes You Might Be Making in Your Ancestry SearchLike we said, your ancestry search takes time — so it can be tempting to forge on without citing your sources, especially since you’re doing this research for personal use.

If you’re not careful, though, you may end up accidentally doubling back and doing research you’ve actually done before! With all the information you’re taking in, this does actually happen during an ancestry search. That’s why documenting your ancestry search is vital.

To keep things organized as you research your family tree, try creating a log where you can jot down what you learned, what exact search terms you used, and what information you gleaned on that date. To be thorough and preserve the knowledge you gain from your ancestry search for future generations, you should write down or record your family stories, too.

Ignoring the Ancestry Search Tools at Your Disposal

Speaking of family stories, don’t forget to include these in your ancestry search! Yes, even Great Aunt Ida’s ramblings could reveal some crucial information you never knew before, like where an undocumented relative once lived, or the name of a long-lost cousin. Don’t discount the value of personal testimonies from your family.

Furthermore, if you’ve been at your ancestry search for a while, you might feel that DNA testing is an unnecessary expense. But ancestry DNA testing can provide pointed information about your family that you need to know, like where an ancestor settled upon immigration. Without this knowledge, your ancestry search can get stalled.

Barking Up the Wrong (Family) Tree

It’s true — you could be looking into the wrong family in your ancestry search.

How does this happen? Well, for one, if your family name is fairly common, it can be difficult to determine who’s actually an offshoot of your family tree and who doesn’t belong. Name changes and alternate spellings can also cause confusion, along with human errors in documentation from years ago.

Also, there’s a chance that you may not know all of your family’s secrets, including adoptions or infidelities that resulted in children. There’s even a chance that you’re adopted and don’t even know it!

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