What are MoMo Twins?

MoMo Twins

You may have seen a viral photo a few years ago: two twin girls holding hands just moments after birth. The heartwarming picture was not only rare for the love it captured; it also features a rare type of sibling, monoamniotic or MoMo twins. What exactly is a MoMo twin and what makes them such a rare pair? Read on to learn more!

The Basics on Monoamniotic Twins

What are MoMo Twins?

MoMo twins share a single amniotic sac. Twins that are monochorionic and monoamniotic develop from a single egg and sperm combination that splits into two. A delay in the split occurs a week or two after conception and causes the fetuses to share a sac. This rare occurrence takes place in only 1% of twin pregnancies.

How are MoMo Twins Diagnosed?

Doctors can diagnose this rare occurrence through an ultrasound. A doctor will look for the presence of a dividing membrane which then tells him or her that the twins are in separate sacs. The lack of a membrane with twins require further testing.

Risks Faced by MoMo Twins

MoMo twins face a number of risks involving their mother’s umbilical cords. The cords can press against each other and cut off the supply of blood and nutrients that help the babies grow and develop. This is a life-threatening issue that needs immediate attention and action.

Doctors are able to monitor the situation through a number of different tests and technologies. For example, they can view the twins through high-resolution ultrasounds, non-stress tests, and Doppler imaging. They can also give parents time to make decisions about cord entanglement and compression.

In some cases, an expectant mother is hospitalized. There isn’t a treatment or procedure that prevents issues from happening to MoMo twins. The only way to deal with the problem at hand is to deliver the babies.

Delivering MoMo Twins

Most MoMo twins are delivered early. They can be 32, 34 or 36 weeks old at the time of delivery. Doctors weigh the consequences of premature delivery with the risks involved with cord entanglement and decide what would be best for the mother and her children.

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