No April Fool’s Here: DNA Testing That’s Weird, But Real

At Test Smartly Labs of Lee’s Summit, we specialize in all many of DNA testing – ancestry testing, ethnicity testing, immigration DNA testing, paternity testing, twin testing, maternity testing, forensic DNA testing – the list goes on and on.

While we’re a comprehensive DNA testing solution for the Kansas City metro area, we don’t exactly do every type of DNA testing. There are some pretty weird applications of DNA testing out there, after all, like for matchmaking.

That’s not all, though. Just take a look at some of the wacky uses for DNA testing below – and trust us, we are NOT playing an April Fool’s Joke on you when we say these are real!

Wacky Ways to Use DNA Testing

Who’s My Doggy Daddy?

Yes, there are some companies out there who conduct DNA testing on dogs to verify canine paternity. These situations probably aren’t exactly like the paternity cases re resolve (or the dramatics that play out on daytime talk shows) – this DNA testing is more for breeders to prove a dog’s lineage. We love DNA testing and dogs – but this is a bit of a stretch for us.

DNA Testing Your Dinner?Person Eating Grilled Fish

Another wacky way people use DNA testing? To confirm that fish and other seafood in high-end restaurants is actually the species that’s been paid for. Scientists have developed a database of ocean-dwellers’ DNA for just such an application.

DNA-Based Cosmetics

Your genes play a role in your health and your physical characteristics, so it only makes sense that some companies are cashing in on this fact and using DNA testing to create customized skin products for individuals. Supposedly, these products can address specific skin problems caused by genetics; in practice, though, this isn’t always the case, and they come with a pretty high price tag.

DNA Testing That’s Always Accurate & Confidential: No Fooling.

While we’ve highlighted these weird uses of DNA testing in jest, the DNA testing we do at Test Smartly Labs of Lee’s Summit is no joke. Our services are always accurate, reliable, and confidential, no matter your reason for pursuing DNA testing.

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