Can’t Beat the Test With Synthetic Urine Anymore

Anyone applying for a new job may find the pre-employment drug screen to be daunting. If you’re considering the benefits of fooling the drug test with a quick detox kit or synthetic urine, you may want to reconsider.  Continue reading “Can’t Beat the Test With Synthetic Urine Anymore” »

Psoriasis Keys Are Found in Your DNA

Did you know that around 3% of the national population develops psoriasis? Scientists think that around 10% of the population has inherited genes that can lead to developing psoriasis.  Continue reading “Psoriasis Keys Are Found in Your DNA” »

Can You Test for DNA Without a Father or Without His Knowledge?

DNA testing determines the identity of a child’s father. These tests are usually conducted with the suspected father’s knowledge and participation, like when paternity confirmation is required for child support or custody purposes. Continue reading “Can You Test for DNA Without a Father or Without His Knowledge?” »

How do Genes Affect Child Development?


Nature vs. nurture has been an eternal debate between genetic predisposition to behaviors versus how parents, communities, or other key individuals shape a child’s upbringing. Genes don’t just play a role in determining appearance and behavior. They can also affect a child’s development.

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Gain Peace of Mind With Infidelity DNA Testing


Scandals in past years, such as the Ashley Madison website leak, have only pointed out the unfortunate fact that many people do not take marriage vows seriously.

People are the victims of infidelity every day, and unlike the spouses of Ashley Madison users, they can’t rely on hackers to expose their partners’ indiscretions.

This doesn’t mean that these people can’t prove their suspicions about their partners’ cheating. We offer accurate, confidential infidelity testing for those who need proof of partner infidelity.

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DNA Testing for Inheritance Claims

Losing loved ones is never easy and an already emotional time can become completely overwhelming when legal matters get involved. It can seem like people come out of the woodwork claiming that they’re biological relatives of your loved one, and they deserve some of what they claim to be rightfully theirs.

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3 Ways DNA Samples Can be Compromised

If you are wanting to get a DNA test, it is likely for one of two reasons: to satisfy your own curiosity or to use as evidence in a court case. While you want reliable results in both situations, accuracy is especially crucial in legal cases, where the results can have serious consequences.

Because DNA test results have to follow the chain of custody procedure to be allowed in court, not all DNA tests are legally admissible. Only DNA tests that have a thoroughly documented chain of custody can be used in court. This requirement prevents DNA tests from becoming compromised, which usually happens in one of three ways.

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The Difference Between a Legal and a Non-Legal DNA Test

If you’re wanting to complete a DNA test for fun, you’ve probably considered purchasing a test kit online. In certain situations, a DNA test isn’t always the way to go. There are vital differences that separate home kits and lab tests, including the fact that lab-based DNA testing is court admissible while home-based testing is not. Why is a court admissible DNA test preferred over a home test? Here are some ways in which legal tests and non-legal tests differ.

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What are MoMo Twins?

You may have seen the viral photo from a few years ago: two twin newborn girls, holding hands. The adorable picture was rare not only for the love it captured but also for the rare type of sibling it featured. The twins in the photo are monoamniotic or MoMo twins. What is a MoMo twin and why are they such a rare occurrence? Read on to learn more!

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Researchers Make a Breakthrough Concerning Treatment-Resistant Cancers

Scientists from Monash University and the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC, New York) have discovered why some cancers, particularly lung cancer and melanoma, are able to quickly become resistant to targeted therapies. Continue reading “Researchers Make a Breakthrough Concerning Treatment-Resistant Cancers” »