Parents: Have You Considered DNA Testing for Your Adopted Child?

For many families, adopting a child is the culmination of years of dreaming. Bringing a child into your family can be incredibly rewarding, yet in some ways, difficult. After all, as a parent you want the very best for your child — but when key information, such as their biological family health history, is not available, providing the best care can prove hard.

Fortunately, DNA testing can provide some answers that adoptive parents may seek.

DNA Testing for Adopted Children

Learn About Your Child’s Birth Culture

Kansas City | Using DNA Testing to Learn More About Adopted ChildrenMany adoptions are closed, meaning the adopted child and their parents can’t contact the biological parents for information on the child’s ethnicity and culture.

In these circumstances, DNA testing can provide new parents with answers they seek about their child’s cultural background. With the information gained from DNA testing, parents can raise their adopted child to appreciate their birth culture by cooking traditional foods or teaching them about cultural traditions.

Discover Your Child’s Family Health History

Without information about a child’s family health history, adoptive parents won’t know genetic diseases to watch out for. DNA testing can provide information about an adopted child’s health risks so that the appropriate preventative measures can be taken.

Bring Your Adopted Child in for DNA Testing

If you’re looking for DNA testing in Kansas City, Test Smartly Labs of Lee’s Summit can provide quick, affordable service. We work with AABB-accredited facilities to ensure that your DNA testing is completed properly.

To learn more about our non-invasive DNA testing, contact Test Smartly Labs of Lee’s Summit today at (816) 875-9301.

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