What Happens During Paternity Testing?


Paternity testing is used to establish a blood relationship between a suspected father and a child. Once this relationship is proven, the father is able to assume legal, parental responsibilities. It is also possible that a court could order a man to pay child support after paternity testing. Sometimes, the test results are used to prove a child’s right to inherit or their entitlement to certain benefits. Many people have misconceptions about what paternity testing involves. Here’s how the testing process goes at Test Smartly Labs of Independence.

The Paternity Testing Process

1. Ordering Paternity Testing

A man who believes he has fathered a child may request paternity testing so that he may establish a relationship with the child. A mother who wants to prove who the father of her child is may make a similar request. Alternatively, paternity testing may be ordered by a judge in a family law matter. When testing is required by the court, then it is necessary to observe a strict chain-of-custody protocol.

2. Paternity Test Scheduling

At-home testing is possible when the test results will not be used in a court case. However, the process becomes more complicated when the paternity testing results will be used to decide legal matters. Appointments are scheduled with a local lab. The alleged father may schedule a separate appointment to avoid a confrontation, if necessary.

3. Collecting Samples

A lab employee performs a cheek swab on the child and the suspected father. This simple, non-invasive collection technique provides a sample that can be used to prove parentage with 99.99 percent accuracy. Careful chain-of-title procedures are observed to guarantee that the test results will be accurate.

4. Confidential Results Delivered

The certified lab uses sophisticated equipment to conclusively determine whether or not the man is the father of the child. The results are packaged, sealed and sent to the court so the judge can render a decision.

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