How Can Pharmacogenetics Testing Help Your Health?

Pharmacogenetics Testing

If you’ve ever had trouble taking medication and want answers as to what types of meds and dosages work best for you, pharmacogenetics testing is your best option. Involving a simple cheek swab analyzed by our lab technicians, the test relays information about a person’s genes and how they respond to prescription and over-the-counter medication. Pharmacogenetics testing has gained popularity as a way to prevent drug overdoses. It allows researchers to see how rapidly some individuals metabolize medications.

Benefits of Pharmacogenetics Testing

There are a number of benefits to having pharmacogenetics testing done. For one, people learn which medications work best for them, which to avoid, and which have the most side effects. This prevents men and women from taking costly and potentially addictive medications that don’t work. With this test, you can alleviate your illnesses and symptoms and prevent adverse drug reactions.

One-Time Test with Lifetime Results

Information from pharmacogenetics testing can be used throughout the course of a patient’s lifetime, making the test simple and cost-effective. There are also significant costs savings because pharmacogenetics eliminates the trial and error approach that some physicians take to prescribing medications.

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