Why You Should Consider Pharmacogenetics Testing

The Importance of Pharmacogenetics Testing

Pharmacogenetics testing uses a patient’s saliva sample to create a personal genetic profile. Physicians can use the information from the mouth swab to run against a comprehensive list of medications to determine an individual’s responses to certain drugs.

By analyzing the patient’s inherited genetic differences in drug metabolic pathways, physicians can determine how effective a prescription might be, as well as whether the drugs will negatively affect the patient.

The Benefits of Pharmacogenetics Testingpharmacogenetics

Why should you use pharmacogenetics testing with your patients? Personalized medicine becomes more and more important as researchers learn more about how different drugs affect people in different ways. The benefits of using pharmacogenetics testing with patients include the ability of doctors to offer better treatment plans and a lower risk of fatal drug reactions.

If you know how a drug will affect a specific patient before prescribing the drug, you will be empowered to make better decisions as a doctor. This additional knowledge will allow you to better predict which medications will work best, which might have adverse effects, and the dosage the will be most effective. You can also discover if a patient is genetically prone to excessive blood clotting, high cholesterol, or Vitamin B deficiencies. When a doctor is armed with more information about a specific patient, he or she can feel more confident making important decisions regarding the patient’s health and treatment plan.

Personalized Treatment for Patients

Test Smartly Labs of Lee’s Summit provides expert pharmacogenetics testing that can help physicians determine which medications are best for individual patients.

To find out more about pharmacogenetics testing and how we can help with your treatment plans, call (816) 875-9301.

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