The Process of Immigration DNA Testing


With political debates about immigration reform swirling and concerns about refugee admission high, lately, immigration policies have been under the microscope in the news.

Since we partner with AABB-accredited labs for immigration DNA testing, we are knowledgeable about how biological relationships are established and confirmed during the immigration process.

Here’s what happens when an immigration petition is filed, and how DNA testing fits into it all.

Immigration DNA Testing

When is a DNA test required for immigration?

DNA testing is a necessary part of the immigration process when there is no credible evidence to support an alleged biological relationship between a visa applicant and petitioner. Typically, applicants can provide some form of accepted documentation supporting their relationship, such as birth certificates or photos.

However, in the absence of this information, a Consular Officer will suggest that applicants pursue DNA testing to establish the legitimacy of stated relationships.

How does the immigration DNA testing process work?

Once it is determined that DNA testing should be pursued to strengthen the application, then both the petitioner and the visa applicant must have samples collected and tested.


For the petitioner, the first step is locating an accredited facility or a collections site that works with an AABB-accredited laboratory, such as Test Smartly Labs of Lee’s Summit. Then, the petitioner should visit the collection site and have DNA collected by a buccal (cheek) swab. From here, the sample is securely transferred to the AABB-accredited testing facility following all chain of custody collections procedures to ensure the accuracy and legal admissibility of results.

Visa Applicant

For the visa applicant, the process is a little different. The AABB-accredited lab that the petitioner works with will actually send the DNA test kit for the applicant to the U.S. Embassy or Consulate in the applicant’s country. When the Embassy or Consulate provides the kit, they directly contact the visa applicant, who will arrange payment for the DNA test and then go to the Embassy or Consulate for sample collection.


After all testing is complete, the AABB lab in the U.S. delivers results to the U/S/ Embassy or Consulate. The applicant is contacted so the application process can continue.

Immigration DNA Testing Collections in Lee’s Summit

If you are a petitioner in need of DNA testing for immigration, contact Test Smartly Labs of Lee’s Summit for accurate on-site DNA collections that are processed in AABB-accredited labs.


To get started with your immigration DNA testing today, call Test Smartly Labs of Lee’s Summit at (816) 875-9301.

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