Why Pursue Infidelity Testing?

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Have you ever questioned if your partner is faithful? It is natural to have feelings of jealousy in the average relationship, but when that jealousy becomes suspicion, your relationship may have a problem. Read on to learn more about the warning signs of cheating and how you can know for sure if your partner has been unfaithful to you.

Is Your Partner Cheating?

There are certain signs that you can look out for to determine if your partner might be cheating. These signs can include:

  • Your partner has become secretive about what he or does when not with you
  • Less interested in intimacy with you
  • Receives increased texts and calls and guards phone from you

While about 80% of Americans agree that cheating is wrong, a University of Chicago study found that about 18% of married individuals have cheated on their spouses at one point in time. Other studies have found even higher rates of cheating. One thing is clear: no one is completely immune to cheating. Ideally, you are able to have an honest conversation with your partner about the issue and your partner will tell you the truth about his or her infidelity. However, often cheating partners and spouses do everything they can to hide the truth. In those cases, it can be hard to know if your suspicions are paranoia or reality.

Find Out the Truth with Infidelity Testing

DNA testing is an option you may never have considered for discovering the truth about your partner. DNA infidelity testing can provide the answers you need. You can have a lab professional collect the necessary specimens and test for the DNA of a third party.

Test Smartly Labs of Lee’s Summit can provide you with accurate and confidential DNA testing with samples you provide or samples that we come to collect from you. Contact us at (816) 875-9301 today to learn more.

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