Separated at Birth — Reunited by Social Media and DNA Testing

Facebook is a great way to keep in touch with friends and family, but what about distant biological relatives you never knew you had? Sounds like the plot of a movie, right?

For twins Anais and Sam, Facebook and DNA testing allowed them to do just that.

Test Smartly Labs of Lee’s Summit is sharing the amazing story of identical twin sisters who found each other across the globe thanks to Youtube and Facebook.

How Social Media & DNA Testing Reunited Long Lost Identical Twins

A Glimpse of a Mirror Image

Both Anais and Sam knew they were adopted, but neither knew that she had a twin sister. In fact, nobody — not even their adoptive parents — knew, until Anais’s friend sent her a screenshot and then a video clip of a girl that looked exactly like her.

Long Lost Sisters? Lee's Summit | Separated at Birth -- Reunited by Social Media and DNA Testing

Thinking the girl could be one of her biological relatives, a cousin perhaps, Anais did a little digging into the other girl’s background, and what she found came as a major surprise. The other girl, Sam, had been born in the same country, in the same town, and on the same day. Perhaps the girls weren’t such distant biological relatives after all.

Thinking she may have found a long lost twin she knew nothing about, Anais sent Sam a friend request and message on Facebook. Both girls simply could not believe it–they had found a long lost twin they didn’t even know existed!

DNA Testing Confirms Biological Relationship

Though the girl’s shared backstories, interests, mannerisms, hairstyles, speaking patterns and other quirks — including a dislike of cooked carrots — they still knew they needed definitive proof of their biological relationship, which they sought through DNA testing. The tests confirmed what they suspected — they were indeed long-lost identical twins, separated at birth.

Need to Test for Biological Relatives?

For individuals who think they might also have additional biological relatives, DNA testing should be at the top of the priority list. While you most-likely weren’t separated at birth like Sam and Anais, if you were adopted you may want to reach out to birth relatives. DNA testing can confirm or deny your relationship with individuals who you suspect you’re related to.

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