Simple Ways to Learn More About Your Genetics

It is natural to be curious about your ancestors and where they once lived. Many families do not have extensive records of their history, leaving it to later generations with better technology to solve genealogical mysteries. Our modern tech makes it simpler to delve into the past and uncover the truth about our family origins. Today, Test Smartly Labs will share some easy tips to help you uncover your family’s secrets.

Tips for Genealogy Research

Reach Out to Relatives

You may have an aunt or grandparent who has already been working on researching your family’s genealogy. Reach out to any family member you think may have done genealogy research in the past. They may offer you a ton of information, for free! Even if your relatives have not done any research, you may discover that they are also interested in your family’s ancestry and are willing to help you.

Use Technology to Streamline Your Search

Over the years, many free websites have cropped up that allow researchers to pull together information out of available records to help in their genealogy search. WorldGenWeb, for example, has been around since 1996 and gives users free access to genealogy information from around the world. Rootsweb is another website offering free genealogy records. Other sites, like Ancestry, are available for a fee. Ancestry boasts the world’s largest collection of genealogy databases and takes a lot of the groundwork out of genealogy research.

DNA Testing Can Help Verify Your Family Tree

One way to help verify your research is to get a DNA test. By analyzing genetic markers in your DNA, you can get important clues about your history. DNA testing can give you information about your ethnicity, help prove (or disprove) your genealogy research, or even determine if two people with the same last name are related by a common ancestor. Lab-based testing is the best method for producing reliable test results. Test Smartly Labs’ DNA tests are the best option for reliable DNA testing with confidential results.

Test Smartly Labs provides accurate DNA tests. To learn more about our DNA Testing Services, contact Test Smartly Labs today at (816) 800-9699. We have five lab locations in the greater Kansas City area!

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