How a Single DNA Test Can Save You Thousands.

What if one blood draw or cheek swab could save you or your company thousands of dollars?

It may seem like science fiction, but a simple DNA test could eliminate the guesswork when it comes to prescribing medications.

With pharmacogenetics testing by Test Smartly Labs of Lee’s Summit, all this is possible.

The Basics on Pharmacogenetics

What is Pharmacogenetics Testing?

Our bodily responses to drugs are actually determined by our genes — and with pharmacogenetics testing, which provides an analysis of genetic differences in metabolic pathways, physicians can see which drugs will be most effective for treatment and which drugs might even produce adverse reactions.

Pharmacogenetics testing is cutting-edge, but the process itself is simple: our trained collection specialists conduct Prescribing Medicationsa quick blood draw or non-invasive cheek swab to get your DNA sample. The sample is sent to the lab for testing, and from there, a personal Genetic Profile is created and ran against a comprehensive medication list to determine:

  • Which prescriptions will be most effective
  • Which medications should be avoided due to potential adverse effects
  • Which prescriptions are okay to prescribe

Benefits of Pharmacogenetics Testing

There are countless advantages that pharmacogenetics testing provides to both individuals and employers, including:

  • Better treatment: when your physicians know what medications to avoid and which ones will be most effective, they can devise the best treatment plan for your illnesses. You will avoid the trial and error method of “Take this and come back in 30 days if it’s not working to adjust the dosage or try a new prescription.” Pharmacogenetics testing has been used to create better treatment for a range of medical problems from blood clotting and cancer to depression and heart disease.
  • Safer treatment: with knowledge about what medications have adverse affects on you, your doctor can avoid these prescriptions and keep you safe. Since there are 2.2 million serious health problems and 106,000 deaths per year in the US caused by adverse drug reactions, safer treatment plans should be a priority.
  • Lower costs: less trial and error means less co-pays and out-of-pocket fees for prescriptions and doctor’s visits. And as your health (and the health of your employees) improves, insurance premiums may also decrease.
  • Lifetime results: one test is all you need, since your DNA is unchanging.
  • Convenience: scheduling doctor’s appointments, swinging by the pharmacy to fill prescriptions, repeating the process over again; all these annoyances are eliminated with pharmacogenetics testing.
  • Less addiction risk: the more medications you are prescribed, the more you are exposed to potentially addictive substances.

Better, Safer, More Affordable Treatment With Test Smartly Labs

Test Smartly Labs of Lee’s Summit is excited to bring this advanced diagnostic technology to the Kansas City area. To learn more about pharmacogenetics testing and its advantages, call (816) 875-9301 today.

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