Think Someone Spit in Your Drink? DNA Testing Can Reveal the Truth

Most people think of DNA testing in connection with violent crimes. That’s because DNA testing results may be used to catch a killer, but they can be useful in other matters too.

Consider the case of a New York family that is suing a restaurant chain after one of the restaurant’s employees spit in a to go cup.

Don’t Spit in My Soda!

The Yerdon family was having dinner at a Chili’s restaurant one evening. They mentioned some undercooked broccoli and missing chips to their waiter, but insist that they weren’t angry. Before leaving they asked for to go cups for their sodas. Kenneth Yerdon sipped from his, but when the lid popped off he said it was obvious that their waiter had spit in the cup.

Trusted DNA Testing ResultsSoda

Waiter Gregory Lamica provided a DNA testing swab after the incident was reported to state police. Test results showed that Lamica’s DNA was in the soda. Police charged him with disorderly conduct and fined him.

Now Yerdon is suing the restaurant and Lamica. Thanks to the reliability of the DNA testing, Yerdon likely has a pretty good case. In his complaint he alleges that he had to have extensive medical tests after the incident to ensure that he hadn’t contracted any communicable diseases. The test results came back negative, but Yerdon asserts that he and his family have undergone emotional trauma as a result of the incident.

DNA Testing for Legal Use


Clearly, DNA testing has a multitude of uses, and can provide factual evidence when it’s needed most.

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