Could Your DNA Test Be Compromised?

When you get a blood test it is generally for two reasons — either to satisfy your genealogical curiosity or for use as evidence in legal proceedings. Accuracy is especially crucial in legal cases, where the results carry serious consequences. Not all DNA tests are legally admissible, only DNA tests that have a thoroughly documented chain of custody can be used in court. This requirement prevents DNA tests from becoming compromised, which can happen in any one of the following three ways. Continue reading “Could Your DNA Test Be Compromised?” »

What’s the Difference Between a Legal & Non-Legal DNA Test?

If you’re looking into completing DNA testing for fun, you’ve probably considered purchasing an online DNA test kit. As we’ve said in the past, a home DNA test isn’t always the right way to go. There are key differences that separate home kits and lab tests, including the fact that lab-based DNA testing is court admissible while home-based testing is not.

Why is a court admissible DNA test preferable? Here are the main ways legal tests and non-legal tests differ.

Continue reading “What’s the Difference Between a Legal & Non-Legal DNA Test?” »