Taking Strides to Educate Communities About Genetics

Three UB Genome, Environment and Microbiome Community of Excellence projects have received funding to create new and innovative ways to educate and engage teachers as well as the public about genetics. Continue reading “Taking Strides to Educate Communities About Genetics” »

Activity Level Could Be Linked To Cell Age

In a study at multiple U.S. universities, funded by the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, it’s recently been reported that women who lead a sedentary lifestyle could have faster aging cells than those who exercise on a regular basis. Continue reading “Activity Level Could Be Linked To Cell Age” »

Unexpected Uses of DNA Testing

To many people, DNA testing is synonymous with paternity testing. This oversimplified view of the process means that people often overlook many fascinating applications of DNA testing, including genealogical research, child DNA profiles, and forensic and legal uses.

To celebrate the countless ways that DNA testing can be used, we are exploring a few of the more unexpected uses of DNA!

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DNA Mysteries: DNA Testing & Proof of Maternity

Though you’ve undoubtedly heard of DNA testing to prove someone’s paternity, are you aware that there is also maternity DNA testing?

Used less frequently than more well-known paternity testing, a maternal DNA test can provide medical verification of maternity when legal issues call for it, such as in the case of hospital mix-ups, foster care or adoptions, or during immigration cases.Maternal DNA testing took center stage when a Washington state woman was accused of falsifying maternity for her three children. In a strange turn of events, the DNA testing revealed that her deceased twin — who was actually never born — was somehow the mother of her children.Welcome to the first of our DNA mysteries —  read on to see how DNA testing cracked the case. Continue reading “DNA Mysteries: DNA Testing & Proof of Maternity” »