DNA May Actually Contain Addiction Gene

Researchers have identified another gene that may influence an individual’s risk of opioid dependence. This adds further evidence that genetic factors play a crucial role in determining who develops an addiction. Continue reading “DNA May Actually Contain Addiction Gene” »

Does a Genetic Mutation Cause Severe Obesity?

Obesity has long been looked at as a problem caused by too many calories in and too few calories out, but new studies are finding clues pointing towards hormones, brain-cell oddities, and genetic mutations. Continue reading “Does a Genetic Mutation Cause Severe Obesity?” »

Does Alcohol Damage Your DNA?

We all learn that alcohol is considered a drug and that it has bad health consequences when consumed in the extreme, but it is widely available and considered to be safe enough to drink in public. However, even with moderate consumption, alcohol can have a pronounced effect on our bodies; hangovers are one small example of this. Continue reading “Does Alcohol Damage Your DNA?” »

New Nanomapping Technology Diagnoses Genetic Mutations

A team of scientists, led by Virginia Commonwealth University physicist Jason Reed, Ph.D., have developed new nanomapping technology that could transform the way disease-causing genetic mutations are diagnosed and discovered. Continue reading “New Nanomapping Technology Diagnoses Genetic Mutations” »

DNA Robots Can Sort Molecules

In a study published in Science, researchers at the California Institute of Technology designed a group of DNA robots. They are called DNA robots not because they have “bodies”, “hands”, “arms”, and “feet,” but because they perform mechanical tasks at the nanometer scale. The robots’ current goal is to work together to find and collect fluorescent molecules. Continue reading “DNA Robots Can Sort Molecules” »

Unexpected Uses of DNA Testing

To many people, DNA testing is synonymous with paternity testing. This oversimplified view of the process means that people often overlook many fascinating applications of DNA testing, including genealogical research, child DNA profiles, and forensic and legal uses.

To celebrate the countless ways that DNA testing can be used, we are exploring a few of the more unexpected uses of DNA!

Continue reading “Unexpected Uses of DNA Testing” »

DNA Tests Provide Global Map of Genetic History

As we’ve said in the past, DNA tests can reveal fascinating things about an individual’s genetic history, including their ancestral roots and even their rare medical conditions.

A recent study published in Science has highlighted another interesting use of DNA tests. Researchers have pinpointed, dated, and characterized historical genetic mixing, creating a global genetic map that gives us deeper insight into how past populations moved and changed — and how notable historic events shaped our genes.

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